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FOST’s training is geared towards Oil Industry professionals.
Our trainers draw on their field experience in real response conditions to provide high-quality theory and practical training.
The courses vary in length from 3 to 5 days and are held either at the centre in Vitrolles or upon request at an external site to tailor the training to the site’s geographical constraints and the equipment available on-site.

2 types of courses are on offer: an IMO level 1 course and a depot spill management course

The theory lectures lay the groundwork

  • oil: characteristics and behaviour
  • spill containment and boom deployment in inshore areas
  • spill containment and boom deployment in inland waters
  • oil recovery
  • waste management
  • spraying oil slicks with dispersants
  • health and safety rules for spill response operations


Practical exercises involve:

  • A presentation in the field of spill response equipment
    • Booms
    • Skimmers
    • Temporary storage capacities
    • Pumps
  • Setting up a spill response worksite on site
    • Deployment
    • Mooring arrangements
    • Use of skimmers
    • Assembly of storage tanks
    • Repacking