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The Presentation

FOST courses are aimed at oil industry professionals. 
The trainers have field experience under real spill conditions, the courses delivered contain both theoretical and practical section. Courses vary frop 1 to 4 day sessions.
The center of Vitrolles has a conference room of a capacity of 30 people.

As appropriate, the trainers of the FOST can travel to specific location and adapt their teaching to the geographical constraints of the places and the equipment available on the sites.

Available training at the FOST

Formal training

  • Hydrocarbons: characteristics and behaviors
  • The containment of the pollutant and the use of booms incoastal waters
  • The containment of the pollutant and the use of fresh water booms
  • The recovery of hydrocarbons:
    • The equipment of recovery of hydrocarbons
    • The use of sorbents
  • Waste management
  • Use of dispersant on oil slicks
  • Health and Safety rules on a spill site

Hands-on training

  • Presentation of spill control equipment:
    • Booms
    • Skimmers
    • Temporary storage
    • Pumps
  • Installation of a spill clean up site
    • Deployment of equipment
    • Anchoring
    • Use of skimmers
    • Assembly of stocks